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Start the summer healthy

Start the summer healthy

Summer comes with its diversity, colorfulness and warm weather!
But as summer approaches, an issue arises that worries women in particular: being overweight.
In fact, instead of using one-time diets, if you eat properly and in a balanced way, the weight you lose will be long-lasting and you will have a healthier body. However, this is a long process for the coming summer, and really healthy diets will help you a lot to lose weight. To start a diet motivated, you need 2 things: 1. Sustained will. 2. Instead of walking around the shelves of sweets in supermarkets, pass by the shelves of fruits, vegetables and meat.
In this blog, we have brought together 3 popular diets to make your job a little easier in your long diet searches. After reading the blog, you can learn more and choose the one that suits you.

1. Ketogenic diet.
Perhaps no one has not heard of this diet, which is now widely used. The word ketogenic comes from the word ketosis, and it is a metabolic condition in which the body uses fat instead of carbohydrates as a source of energy. As you reduce your daily carbohydrate intake, your body begins to use ketones instead of glucose, which is the main source of energy for cells. During this diet, you almost do not eat carbohydrates, ie flour products, sugary foods. You prefer foods that are low in protein and high in essential fats. Olive oil, butter, coconut oil, cream, avocado, olives, cookies, etc. Foods like are ideal for this diet. You should pay attention to low carbohydrate intake when eating vegetables. For example, vegetables such as greens, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers are suitable for this diet.

2. Karatay diet
The diet, named after the famous Turkish nutritionist Canan Karatay, is one of the favorite diets of everyone who wants to lose weight. This diet has its own rules.
- Eat protein with no carbohydrates at breakfast. Eggs will be your savior.
- You should eat twice a day and avoid snacks as much as possible.
- You should use natural olive oil and butter and not include sunflower and corn oil in your diet.
- You need to cook food at a low temperature for a long time.
- You should unconditionally take 2-3 liters of water every day.
- You must do sports.
When you follow this diet, you will lose weight quickly.

3. Dukan diet
Known as Dr. Pierre Duka's protein-based diet and weight loss system, the Dukan diet consists of four stages. You start this diet with "Attack" in order of priority and continue with "Lose Weight", "Protect" and "Sustainable". One of the most important features of this diet is to lose weight by drinking plenty of water. In the "Attack" phase of the Dukan diet, you should prefer foods rich in protein. These foods should consist entirely of lean dairy products, fish, eggs and various poultry meats (chicken, turkey, quail, etc.). In the second stage, you can add vegetables such as eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, celery, pumpkin, mushrooms, lettuce to the food you ate earlier. In the third stage, you can eat both meat and vegetables every day. In the continuous phase, you make it a lifestyle for yourself, but every Thursday you apply the diet in the offensive phase. The best part of the Dukan diet is that everything is free twice a week.

We hope that we have benefited from a small and healthy start to the summer.
Always stay healthy and beautiful!

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