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We invite you to work in Araz Supermarket

The chain of supermarkets “Araz” is aimed at creating a sustainable human resource management system based on the concept of "Man first" and with the realization of fact that the most important key to success and sustainable development is in person itself.

The chain of supermarkets “Araz”, which considers the "human resource" as its most valuable asset, and takes it as the basis of corporate culture; considers its employees, as an investment, as the driving force allowing us to achieving our goals with decisive steps.

The main task of the hiring process in our company is to attract professional and intelligent employees to work.

The recruitment department is an important part of the Human Resources and attracts candidates to work in the company, guided by the criteria of fairness, honesty and the proper approach, carefully checking their compliance and positioning them in the relevant departments.


Advantages of working with us

Uğurlu karyera

Uğurlu karyera qura biləcəyiniz əlverişli iş yeri.

Əmək haqqı

Bazar rəqabəti ilə uyğunlaşan əmək haqqı

İş mühiti

Yüksək korporativ mədəniyyətə sahib iş mühiti.

Peşəkar komanda

Peşəkar komanda ilə çalışmaq, daim bilik və bacarıqlarınızı təkmilləşdirmək imkanı.

Open Vacancies

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