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"Children of the Sun" special project for young people with down syndrome from "Araz"

March 21 is International Down Syndrome Day. The purpose of the establishment of the day is to direct the attention of the society to the problems of these people and to stimulate educational activities. Children with Down syndrome born with 1 chromosome difference are called children of the Sun because of the positive energy and happiness they radiate around them.
The next project of the "Araz" supermarket chain, which regularly comes up with corporate social responsibility projects, involved people with Down syndrome. The goal of the project called "Children of the Sun" is to provide young people with Down syndrome with new skills and support their socialization. 7 young people with Down syndrome participated in the project. They worked as storekeepers, cashiers in the "Araz" supermarket chain, salesmen in "Pepco" and "Rossmann" stores, confectioners in the "Ulduz" chocolate factory, and decorators in the "Khoncha" production area. The project was remembered with interesting moments for young people with Down syndrome who tried themselves in various professions. As a continuation of the project, it is planned to organize trainings for young people in need of special care.
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