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"Araz" supermarket chain was awarded by International SAP

The SAP project was selected as one of the successful projects of the Central and Eastern European region

The SAP digital project implemented in the "Araz" supermarket chain was selected as one of the successful projects of the Central and Eastern Europe region as a result of technical and process-related evaluations conducted by the International SAP. The project was awarded in the "Business transformation: Corporate solutions" category.

"Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies, is implementing the SAP project from 2022. The SAP system allows you to manage data at a high level, obtain excellent analysis and forecasts. This, in turn, serves to ensure the quality and security of the company's data and the high efficiency of business processes.

"For us, SAP means sustainable development, development of our employees and better service to customers," said Digital Transformation Director Özgür Kakmacı.

Currently, 30 SAP modules are fully operational in the "Araz" supermarket chain. This includes retail, finance, sales, purchasing, quality, shipping, warehouse operations, master data, accountability, human resources and other areas.

"Araz" supermarket chain has been providing services for 12 years with hundreds of stores and more than 9,000 employees across the country. The company continuously strives to improve the customer experience with innovation and innovative solutions. Self-service cash registers, electronic shelves, electronic lockers for the protection of personal belongings of customers, magnifying carts, "Araz" mobile application are among the innovations presented by the company.

Note: What is SAP?

The abbreviation SAP is actually the name of a company of German origin, and its description is as follows: Systemanalyse Programmentwicklung - System Analysis Program Development in English. It can be translated into our language as follows: creating a system analysis program. This digitalization serves to increase the international competitiveness of companies, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of business processes.

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