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Hand over batteries in "Araz" markets and protect nature!

"Araz" supermarket chain, which belongs to Veysaloglu Group of Companies, joined the "Hand over the batteries, protect nature" project of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Battery boxes were placed in 19 branches of "Araz" and "Spar" markets in Baku and Sumgait within the framework of the project, which contributes to sustainable development. Customers will now be able to support battery disposal by dropping used batteries in these bins.

The purpose of the project is to separate used or unusable electric batteries from other waste, collect and sort them, and support their disposal under special conditions, to minimize their negative effects on the environment and human health.

Please note that used batteries contain harmful substances and cannot be disposed of together with general waste. Because even if used, batteries react with air, water and soil in nature and undergo erosion, the top cover is destroyed. As a result, the heavy metals contained in it mix with soil and water, poisoning people and animals, endangering their lives, and destroying vegetation.

The aim of the social value creation strategy implemented by the Veysaloğlu Group of Companies is to create and develop shared values ​​for all stakeholders for the sake of sustainable development and common prosperity.

You can find the battery cases in question at the following addresses:

Araz superstore

Sabunchu district, A. Mammadaliyev street 18A

(Near Sabunchu Hospital)

Araz superstore

I. Musayev 56 D., Garachukhur settlement, Surakhani district

(Close to the "Eagle" statue)

Araz superstore

Hovsan settlement, E. Mammadov street 5 K

(Proximity to the "Glass" market)

Araz superstore

Yasamal district, H. Javid avenue 17 (opposite "Space" TV)

Araz supermarket

Absheron district, Mehdiabad settlement, Novruz street 1

(Opposite "Ulvi" wedding palace)

Araz superstore

Sumgayit city, 9th mkr., U. Hajibeyli street 23 C

(Proximity to the "East" market)

Araz superstore

Nasimi district, Tbilisi avenue, Alatava 2

(near the "20 Janvar" metro station)

Araz superstore

Narimanov district, M. Qashgay street, block 917

(Near Neftchi Sports Health Center)

Araz supermarket

Narimanov district, S. Rahman street 41

(near secondary school No. 47)

Spar supermarket

Narimanov district, C. Hajibeyli street, block 758

(Near the "Koroglu" park)

Spar supermarket

Nasimi district, Javadkhan street, 3 mkr., block 3005

(near the 3rd mkr. circle)

Araz minimarket

Khatai district, Babek avenue 10 D

(Near Babak Plaza)

Araz superstore

Absheron district, Masazir settlement, A. Vahid street

(near Masazır circle)

Araz supermarket

Yasamal district, 31 Builders avenue

(near the State Statistics Committee)

Araz supermarket

Nasimi district, Mardanov brothers 137

(Proximity of "Olympic star")

Araz supermarket

Khatai district, Zigh highway 8

(Near the "Nargila" cafe)

Araz superstore

Nasimi district, Azadlig avenue 103

(near the US Embassy)

Araz express

Nizami district, R. Rustamov street 12 C

(near Neftchilar metro station)

Araz minimarket

Nizami district, Babek avenue 64

(near Sarhadchi Sports Olympic Center)

"Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies, is proud to serve our citizens with more than a hundred stores and more than 7,000 employees! Where you are, "Araz" is there!

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