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"Araz" supermarket chain makes a great contribution to the employment of the population

"Araz" expands its scope

The "Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies (VSG), continues to expand its scope to provide the Azerbaijani consumer with high-quality, reasonably priced products. For this purpose, "Araz" serves its customers with stores operating in Baku, Sumgayit, Khirdalan, villages and towns around Baku, as well as in the regions. "Araz" also has the franchise rights in Azerbaijan of "Spar International", one of the world's largest retail chains.

"Araz" also delivers various European brands to Azerbaijani customers. Thus, high-quality and affordable European products belonging to the Polish Pepco brand are presented to customers in the stores of the "Araz" supermarket chain in the format of "shop in shop" and "stand alone". This enables the opening of new jobs and the employment of hundreds of citizens.

More than 7,000 employees were employed in the stores

In addition to the capital, increasing the number of stores and opening new branches in various regions greatly contributes to the employment of people living in those areas. Thus, as a large employer, "Araz" provides more than 9,000 personal jobs, of which more than 7,000 are operating in stores.

Jobseekers are involved in training

"Araz" closely cooperates with the relevant state institutions in order to ensure the employment of unemployed and jobseekers. Vocational training courses are organized for unemployed and jobseekers within the framework of the "Vocational Training Support" project, and they are provided with employment in "Araz". Also, job fairs are regularly held in order to be more accessible to job seekers. Up to 300 vacancies are presented to job seekers at the fairs and their applications are evaluated on the spot. "Araz Supermarket Recruitment Center" of Araz, which has just started its operation, serves to manage the applications of job seekers for available vacancies from a single center, to conduct the processing of these applications promptly, as well as to conduct orientation and improvement trainings for employed persons in one place.

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