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"Araz" supermarket chain creates new job opportunities for young people

Most of the employees of "Araz" are young people

The "Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies (VSHG), serves its customers with stores operating throughout the country and a modern logistics center located in Mahammadi settlement. "Araz" is a large employer that provides more than 9,000 jobs, but also contributes to the creation of new job opportunities for young people. For this purpose, the "Araz" supermarket chain opens its doors not only to professionals with long-term experience, but also to new and inexperienced people. So, currently more than 4,000 employees who started working without any experience and continue their activities here are working in "Araz" supermarket chain. In general, the average age of "Araz" employees is 32, and the majority of employees working in various positions are young people.

Unemployed and jobseekers are first involved in training, and then they are provided with a job in "Araz".

"Araz" chain of supermarkets also closely cooperates with government institutions operating in the direction of ensuring the employment of the population, especially young people, and initiates the implementation of joint projects. In this direction, "Araz" is one of the closest partners of the projects implemented by the State Employment Agency. Within the framework of joint projects, unemployed and jobseekers are first involved in training, and then they are provided with jobs in various vacancies in the "Araz" supermarket chain. With this, "Araz" trains young personnel in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market, providing an opportunity for the professional and personal development of young people without work experience, as well as the application of the theoretical knowledge they have learned in real work conditions.

Hundreds of employees who started their work experience in "Araz" are currently working here in high positions

Even after joining the "Araz" team, young people are regularly involved in training and improvement programs to improve their professional performance. Individual development plans are prepared and implemented in order to improve employees. As a result of this, young people who started working in "Araz" from small positions acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in relevant fields, achieve career advancement and are appointed to high positions. Thus, hundreds of employees who started their work experience in "Araz" and currently work here in high positions.

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