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Open day in "Araz" Supermarkets! (July 9-10, 2021)

Open day in "Araz" Supermarkets!

You can apply for current vacancies by visiting our relevant markets. You do not need to bring a CV form, the relevant document will be provided to you by us.

1) "Araz" Gunashli Superstore branch (Surakhani district, Garachukhur settlement, I.Musayev, near the Eagle statue) / Date - 09.07.2021 / Hours-14: 00 (Employment representative number: 055-252-29-09);
2) "Spar" J.Hajibeyli branch (near Ganjlik m / s, lower of Dada Gorgud park, near the Zoo) / Date-10.07.2021 / Time-11: 00 (Employment representative number: 055-253-18-13);

3) "Araz" Tbilisi branch (Nasimi district, Tbilisi avenue, Alatava 2) / Date-09.07.2021 / Time-14: 00 (Employment representative number: 055-252-26-33);

4) Shusha Ramana branch (Shusha Ramana settlement, near Surakhani penalty area, under “Cheap” store) / Date - 10.07.2021 / Time-10: 00 (Employment representative number: 055-226-28-01-02).

Vacancies: salesman, cashier, cook, packer, worker, housekeeper.
Age range: 18-55.

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