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Open day in "Araz" Supermarkets! (14, 16 July 2021)

Open day in "Araz" Supermarkets!

You can apply for current vacancies by visiting our branches below. You do not need to bring a CV form, the relevant document will be provided to you by us.

1) "Araz" Khazar-3 branch - (26 Ganja avenue, near "Farida" wedding house) / Date-16.07.2021 / Hour-14: 00 (Employment representative number: 055-252-29-09);
2) "Araz" Chobanzadeh branch - (Nizami district, Bekir Chobanzadeh street (near Mangalustu restaurant) / Date-14.07.2021 / Hours-14: 30 (Employment representative number: 055-253-18-12);
3) Nizami branch "Araz" - (Yasamal district, near Nizami metro station, near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) / Date-16.07.2021 / Time-15: 00 (Employment representative number: 055-300-40-07);
Vacancies: salesman, cashier, cook, packer, worker, housekeeper.
Age: 18-55.

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