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Araz Supermarket LLC announces decision made by State Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control Service

We got acquainted with the decision of the State Service for Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control on the case of Araz Supermarket LLC on the grounds of violation of antitrust law. As Araz Supermarket LLC, we state the following in the statement on the decision:

We would like to emphasize that the price research described in the report was carried out by an independent marketing research company. We only shared information about it for the media. What was mentioned in that article was not based on the subjective opinions of Araz Supermarket LLC.
We respect the decision of the State Service for Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control. Considering that it referred to a third party when broadcasting the news, we thought that it did not contradict the law on advertising.
At the same time, we believe that the fine stated in the decision is severe. Therefore, we will use our legal rights to reconsider the amount of the fine.
One of the main values ​​of "Araz Supermarket" LLC is justice. We strive to be fair not only to our customers, employees and partner organizations, but also to our competitors.
The Araz supermarket chain communicates transparently and competently with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the media, and seeks to respond promptly and fully to all inquiries received in the framework of cooperation.
Araz supermarket chain is committed to its mission to provide society with healthy and quality daily consumer goods. Taking into account our activities in the field of logistics, distribution and fruits and vegetables, we are able to offer our products to our customers at the most affordable prices.
We have been operating in the retail sector for 11 years, adding value to the Azerbaijani economy and serving more than 350,000 customers every day with more than 7,000 employees.
As the Araz supermarket chain, our efforts to provide food to the population, our work in the social sphere and our contribution to increasing employment are clear examples of our effective and value-added activities for society.

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