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"Araz" supermarket chain makes the famous "Spar" brand available to Azerbaijani consumers

"Araz" supermarket chain has made another European brand available to Azerbaijani consumers by bringing "Spar", one of Europe's leading brands, to our country. Spar, founded in the Netherlands in 1932, has been a beloved brand in Europe for 91 years and a trade network that has been visited by millions of customers. "Spar" is one of the world's leading retail chains with more than 13,600 stores in 4 continents and more than 48 countries.

The famous shopping network of the Netherlands "Spar" is in Azerbaijan

Since 2015, this large chain has been serving Azerbaijani consumers by cooperating with the "Araz" supermarket chain. "Araz" creates new business opportunities for local entrepreneurs by having the right to franchise this network. So, if entrepreneurs who want to engage in business activities choose "Spar", they will be supported by experienced specialists of "Araz" at all stages, from the preparation of a business plan to the opening of a store. At the same time, retail stores belonging to different entrepreneurs, which are not connected to each other, unite and use their great experience and purchasing power to present products at more suitable prices and favorable conditions.

"Araz" adds value to the economy by bringing "Spar" to our country

The activity of an international chain brand like "Spar" in Azerbaijan creates value in the country's economy. Thus, the activity of this network enables the application of the world's franchising experience in our country, increasing the population's interest in entrepreneurship. Also, "Spar" plays a major role in strengthening the competitive environment in the market and ensuring the employment of the population.

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