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"Araz" supermarket chain delivers farmers' products directly from the field to the shelves

Elchin Hasratov is one of the largest fruit suppliers of the "Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies. E. Hasratov, a resident of Gullar village of Gusar district, has been engaged in apple, pear, nectarine, peach, cherry farming for more than 8 years.

Although E. Hasratov lived in a foreign country for some time, he learned about the state support provided to farmers, returned to Azerbaijan and began to plant and cultivate the land left by his ancestors: "Giving subsidies and preferential loans to farmers created conditions for the redevelopment of fruit growing. We replaced our traditional orchards with intensive orchards according to the European model. First, we started growing fruit on 20 hectares of land. Then we enlarged the area by expanding the planting area and multiplied the types of fruits planted."

One of the reasons for the farmer to expand his orchards was to start cooperation with the "Araz" supermarket chain in order to easily sell his produce to the local market. Within the framework of this cooperation, farmers do not waste time and money to bring products to Baku, products are delivered to nearby regions within 24 hours: "Now we have a guarantee that the products we grow will not rot under the tree, they will come and buy them from the "Araz" supermarket chain. We used to sell our products to foreign markets. The produce was in transit for days, resulting in delays, rotting and considerable losses. We had a lot of financial and moral losses. However, after cooperation with "Araz" supermarket chain, the fruit is peeled from the tree, bought from us on the spot and sent to stores. As a result, the crops we cultivated with hard work do not rot, and we do not have additional expenses."
It should be noted that the Veysaloglu Group of Companies and the "Araz" supermarket chain support both small and medium-sized enterprises by bringing the products grown by farmers directly from the field to the shelves, and provide consumers with fresh and fresh fruits and vegetables at the most reasonable price.

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