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"Araz" supermarket chain adds value to the country's economy

"Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies (VSG), continues to provide its customers with quality food and non-food products and contributes to the economic development of our country.
• "Araz" provides high-quality and safe food products to its customers. For this purpose, "Araz" cooperates with enterprises registered in the relevant register of the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Only products that have passed laboratory analysis are offered to "Araz" customers.
• The opening of new stores in the city of Baku, villages and settlements around Baku, as well as in the regions of our republic, contributes to ensuring the employment of people living in those areas. Thus, more than 9,000 people were provided with jobs in "Araz".
• "Araz" supermarket chain regularly creates new opportunities with various discount campaigns. So, "Araz" customers "Discounts are ringing", "There is an opportunity for 30 manat", "Ask the cashier", "Always low price", "Agent-009", "Turn the wheel, get a discount" and so on. they can take advantage of discounts under various conditions within campaigns such as All this leads to the formation of a healthy competitive environment, which is one of the main factors for the growth of the economy.
• "Araz" supermarket chain also creates market adaptation and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and farmers in Azerbaijan. Natural products cultivated by hardworking farmers are bought at the same address and sold in "Araz" markets.
• "Araz" successfully delivers world brands to Azerbaijani consumers. High-quality and affordable products of leading European brands such as "Rossmann" and "Pepco" are offered to customers in "Araz" and independent stores.
• "Araz" also contributes to supporting local production and increasing the production of local products in our country. Thus, various private brand products are offered to customers within the framework of the "Only in Araz" concept. In this way, "Araz" provides Azerbaijani buyers with local and high-quality products and encourages the purchase of products produced in the country.

In short, "Araz" supermarket chain is beneficial for all stakeholders of the economy. The comprehensive approach of the market chain creates a win-win environment between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, customers and employees and adds unparalleled value to the economy of Azerbaijan as a whole.

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