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Milk or non-milk coffee?

Milk or non-milk coffee?

Although we are a tea-loving nation, there are enough coffee lovers in our country lately. Each of the colorful cafes in the city is full of people ordering different types of coffee. With this in mind, we share with you the methods of making popular coffees for home brewing. Of course, the taste of those made with professional coffee machines will be completely different, but you will also like the taste of home-made coffee with the methods we have mentioned.

Almost all popular coffees are based on espresso. Other popular types of coffee can be made by adding water or milk to espresso. In fact, it is difficult to make espresso without a coffee machine, but it is not impossible. The best way to make espresso at home is a mocha pot, and we write the process for you step by step:
1. Add boiled water to the bottom of the mocha pot.
2. Place ground coffee for espresso in the middle.
3. Bring the heat to medium in a moccasin pot and allow to boil slowly.
4. After boiling, the water in the lower part will absorb the aroma of coffee and will collect in the upper part.
5. When you hear the sound of foaming, you can sip coffee from the mocha pot and drink it.
“Cafe latte”
Although it is known in our country as "Latte", in Italian it is called "Cafe Latte" or "Cafe Latte Machiato". Generally, this coffee is served in long and thin cups, and cream is added if desired. Of course, it is possible to prepare at home. For this you need coffee, milk and a mixer. Make 8 grams of coffee with water in a mocha pot as mentioned in the espresso section. Heat the milk and mix well with a mixer. Then slowly add it to the coffee. Your delicious latte is ready.
Cappuccino, another Italian coffee, is sometimes difficult to distinguish from Latte. The main difference between them is the amount of milk. Compared to Cappuccino, Latte contains more milk and less foam. In general, the procedure for preparing both is the same.

This coffee is a chocolate-flavored version of Latte. Add 24 grams of chocolate powder to your homemade espresso and stir until dissolved in coffee. 30 ml of this mixture is heated by foaming with a mixer. Add warmed milk. You can have a snack after adding chocolate, cinnamon powder and cream for the presentation. Note that for coffee with milk, it is enough to buy cow's milk in markets and supermarkets. At present, until February 16, 2022, Araz Supermarkets have a discount on dairy products as part of the "Dairy Products" festival, you can use this opportunity to make plenty of coffee.
Turkish coffee
The coffee of the brotherly country, which we also love to drink, is served to guests at many parties. How did this coffee get the name of Turkish coffee? Thus, after the discovery of coffee in the Arabian Peninsula, the drink was prepared by the Turks in a completely different way, that is, in their own way. The method of preparation at home is also very convenient. First of all, as with all types of coffee, it is important that it is freshly roasted and of good quality. Today, although Turkish coffee can be made with electric coffee pots and machines, it is known that many of us have not given up on traditional coffee.
To do this, coffee, sugar and water are added to the coffee pot, respectively. 2 teaspoons of coffee and one cup of cold water are enough for one cup. The two are mixed together to dissolve in a coffee pot and cooked on low heat without further touching. When foam is formed before boiling, the shielding foam is poured into cups, re-cooked in a coffee pot and slowly filtered into a cup.

The love of coffee is a love, and those who love the taste can never give it up. But as with many foods, coffee should be consumed in moderation so as not to harm health. Because health comes first!

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