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Taste of meat products in "Araz"

The taste of meat is also in the way it is cooked. We invite you to our markets to taste the meat products offered to you in our markets. So, on February 6, a taste of meat products will be held in our markets. The meat dishes to be offered at the tasting event will be prepared by professional chefs. We guarantee that the meat products are completely halal, fresh and high quality. Come and taste the real quality.

The tasting campaign will last on February 6, from 16:00 to 19:00. We are waiting for each of you!

Our branches where the action will take place:

1. Hövsan superstore;
2. Sabunchu superstore;
3. Gunashlı superstore;
4. Mahammadi superstore;
5. Saray superstore;
6. 20 Yanvar superstore;
7. “Space” superstore;
8. Bayil superstore;
9. Masazır superstore;
10. Sumgayit superstore;
11. Favorit 9-cu mikrorayon;
12. Favorit-Yasamal;
13. Neftchilar superstore;
14. Savalan superstore;
15. Spar 3rd microdistrict;
16. Spar-Akhundov.

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