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Buy your lamb from "Araz"

Buy your lamb from "Araz"

Take your sacrifice on the Feast of Sacrifice from "Araz".

Because we bring lambs from Barda, Beylagan, Agjabadi and Imishli districts so that your sacrifice is 100% local. There is a health certificate for each lamb to be slaughtered so that your victim is healthy. To ensure the safety of your victim, the animals will be slaughtered at a special slaughterhouse, in hygienic conditions, in accordance with Islamic rules and under veterinary supervision. The slaughter of the sacrifices you order by proxy will be carried out in accordance with the rules established by the Caucasian Muslims Office. Protective measures will be taken against the virus at all stages of the cut.
Note that the price of 1 kg of live lamb will be 6.45 AZN. The weight of the meat is at least 45% of the weight of a live lamb.

Contact numbers and delivery points for the order will be announced soon. Sacrificial lamb orders will be accepted from 11:00 on July 12. The deadline for orders is July 20 at 18:00. Delivery dates will be July 20-21. The sacrifice you order will be cut and delivered to the pre-determined point.

You can choose the weight of the lamb so that the sacrifice is to your heart's content. We offer you two options:
1. 28-34 kg live weight: 14-17 kg of fresh meat;
2. 34-40 kg live weight: 17-20 kg of fresh meat.

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