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"Möcüzəli Günlər" in Araz Supermarket

The "Möcüzəli Günlər" lottery will take place from November 10 to December 10. Every 2 liters of "Möcüzə" corn oil you buy in Araz Supermarkets will give you a chance to participate in the lottery.

To register for participation, "Möcüzə" oils must be purchased with a bonus card. Please make sure that the bonus card is registered and that the name, surname and phone number listed on the card are correct. Otherwise, your participation will not be registered.

What are our gifts?

10 refrigerators;
10 washing machines;
10 TV sets;
30 meat grinders;
30 vacuum cleaners;
20 electric ovens;
3 sets of dishes
3 iPads.

On behalf of Araz Supermarket and "Möcüzə" oil, we wish good luck to each of you!

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