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"Araz" supermarket chain continues "Educational assistance to students".

"Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies, continues the "Student Education Assistance" scholarship program. In total, 73 "Araz" employees benefited from the educational scholarship. 33 employees were given a monthly stipend, and 40 were given a one-time reward.

The program is implemented in order to help the education of "Araz" employees and their children, who are admitted to the bachelor's level of higher educational institutions. The scholarship applies to employees admitted to local universities and their children studying in both local and foreign universities. Educational assistance is determined in the form of a one-time award or a monthly scholarship according to the student's points.

"Araz" pays unconditional monthly stipends to employees and their children from vulnerable groups, including war veterans and children of martyrs.

It should be noted that the "Araz" supermarket chain always focuses on the personal and professional development of its employees and their children and implements various related projects.

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