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"Araz" supermarket chain supports inclusion

The "Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of the Veysaloglu Group of Companies (VSHG), supports the measures implemented in the direction of building an inclusive society in our country. Thus, the "Araz" supermarket chain makes a great contribution to ensuring the employment of unemployed and job-seeking persons who are part of the vulnerable group.

"Araz" employs more than 300 employees from vulnerable groups

According to Parviz Gasimov, Human Resources Business Support Director of Araz, more than 300 people belonging to special vulnerable groups work in Araz, which is one of the largest employers in Azerbaijan: "Second and third degree disabled people, internally displaced persons, war veterans , war participants and persons injured for territorial integrity are members of the "Araz" team. They work in the positions of store manager, administrator, regional manager, chief electrician, chief salesman, cashier, head of departments and divisions of various structures, as well as specialists. As the "Araz" family, our main goal is to contribute to an inclusive society and create new job opportunities for vulnerable groups.

People from vulnerable groups are involved in training

"Araz" employees, who are part of the sensitive group, are regularly invited to trainings, internship programs and courses in order to improve their professional performance. Among them, 15 are veterans, and about 200 participants of the Second Karabakh war. In order for these employees to acquire new knowledge and skills, they were given the opportunity to join international trainings under the personal signature of Prince Michael Kent, head of the Financial Managers Association of Great Britain. They were also involved in "Business etiquette" and "Entrepreneurship development" trainings in addition to "Management of human resources".

Araz is awarded for creating opportunities for inclusion and equality

As a result of the work done, "Araz" was awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and the State Employment Agency subordinated to the Ministry for the measures taken last year regarding vulnerable groups. The company was awarded in the nominations "The most active private social partner supporting the employment of persons with disabilities", "The most active private social partner supporting the employment of women" and "The most active private social partner supporting the employment of youth".

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