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How to grow a tulle flower at home?

How to grow a tulle flower at home?

Like all bulbous flowers, tulle grows best in fertile soil and pottery. There are a few nuances to consider when planting in pottery. Onions should be covered with 2-3 layers of soil. In addition, there should be enough space for root development. For this reason, the depth of the pottery should be chosen at least 15-18 cm.
After making sure that the holes in the bottom of the pottery are open, the foundation is laid with an object like pebbles. Then the pottery is filled halfway with garden soil and water is poured on it until we moisten the soil.
After the excess water comes out of the holes, the high-quality bulbs, which are not moldy or rotten, are planted in the form of roots with a pointed tip and lightly pressed into the soil. If you want to plant more than one onion, depending on the width of the pot, you can plant onions by leaving a gap of 2-3 cm between them. The bulbs are filled with soil and watered. It is important that the place where this plant grows is cool. The plant, planted in October-November, should remain in the cold and low light area of ​​the balcony during the spring months, keeping the soil constantly moist. Root development takes place during this period. If it is not cool enough, the flowers will be weak and will not even open.
After the spring months, it should be moved to a more visible place. Let's decorate the balconies with tulle flowers, which soon begin to emerge from the soil.

When should tulran be planted?

Tulran from the lily family is one of the onion plants. Tulran bulbs, which meet the season in October-November, bloom in mid or late spring, depending on the characteristics of the species and environmental conditions.
The most important point to note is that the bulbs should be kept in a cool place until the spring months, after which they meet the season. For this reason, planting time is important.

What should be done?
Tulran is one of the seasonal flowering plants. Once it blooms, it begins to wither. For this reason, there is no need for processes such as land change. It is enough to keep the soil moist, to make sure that the water is well filtered and lighted.

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