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Rəşad Bilalov

Rəşad Bilalov

Head of sales department

In 1997-2001, Rashad Bilalov received a bachelor's degree in "Construction of engineering systems and facilities" at Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. He started his professional activity in 2006-2007 as a sales representative in "Dadlılar" LLC, since 2007 he has been a sales representative in "Nur" company, in 2008-2017 he is the manager of sales organization, in 2017-2018 he is in charge of trade development worked as a manager.

Since 2018, he has worked as a branch administrator, branch manager and regional manager at Araz Supermarket LLC. In 2022, he was appointed to the position of format manager, and in 2023, he was appointed to the position of regional sales manager. Currently, he works as a sales regional manager in the Sales Directorate of Araz Supermarket LLC.

Regarding his professional activity, "Supervisor - Vendor Management", "Market Management", "Competency-Based Interview Techniques", "Project Management Training", "Professional Management Course", "Ethics of Management for Small and Medium Ring Managers", "High significant positions and their successors program (V1)" training.

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